InReach is a way of providing high quality Physiotherapy services to people in rural/remote areas, people who prefer not to leave the comfort of their home or people with busy lives that can't waste the time travelling to in-person appointments.

Physiotherapy is a key contributor to the health and mobility of Canadians and with recent improvements in internet and video-conferencing technology, telehealth, telephysio and telerehab have become very viable means of treatment.

Physiotherapists and co-owners, Aaron Dobie and Chris Kennedy, are university classmates and long time friends who share many the same passions. Both of their practices are centred around health promotion and it only made sense for them to expand their practice into the telephysio and online physiotherapy space.

Aaron Dobie

Co-Owner, Physio

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC. Aaron stayed close to home throughout his bachelor's and master's degrees because he couldn't find a better place to fulfill his passion for the outdoors, specifically in mountain bike racing.

Aaron's commitment to fitness and health promotion began during his undergraduate degree, particularly when he started personal training. Not satisfied with his ability to rehabilitate client's injuries, he entered the Physical Therapy program at UBC in 2014. His goal was to be able to treat client's injuries and increase their fitness at the same time, thus combining his Physiotherapy and Kinesiology skills. Aaron's practice focuses mainly on exercise prescription and patient education. He is currently completing his Sports Physiotherapy diploma. 

Aaron has experience working with the UBC Men's Varsity Rugby team and various cycling teams. For the 2020 season, Aaron will be travelling on the UCI World Cup downhill mountain bike circuit as the Physiotherapist for the Giant Factory Off-Road Cycling Team.

  • M.P.T. (Master of Physical Therapy) - University of British Columbia   

  • B.KIN (Bachelor of Kinesiology) - University of British Columbia. 




Co-Owner, Physio

Chris completed his Masters of Physical Therapy at UBC after a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of New Brunswick. He has several years of experience working as personal trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. This passion for helping his clients achieve greater health and reach their goals was the driving force that led Chris to pursue a career in physiotherapy. His knowledge and experience allow him to provide progressive and complete rehabilitation to his clients.


Chris has a particular interest in healthy aging and has gained extensive experience in the management of knee and hip osteoarthritis. Chris has also undergone advanced  training in the assessment and treatment of lower back and shoulder conditions. His practice is guided by current research, clinical experiences, and patient preference. He views exercise prescription and education as essential components of all treatment plans. Chris believes that people experiencing pain and decreased function should not just be rehabilitated back to their baseline but that their journey should continue to progress to greater health and performance.


Since moving to BC from Nova Scotia in 2006, Chris has embraced everything the Coast Mountains have to offer including skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and trail running. He has completed several ultramarathons and believes that a strong, healthy body allows for optimal engagement in sport and life.

  • M.P.T. (Master of Physical Therapy) - University of British Columbia   

  • BScKin (Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology) - University of New Brunswick 



Physio, MSK and concussion

Born and raised in Newfoundland, Nancy completed her Bachelor of Kinesiology with Honors at Memorial University of Newfoundland. She then attended Queen’s University, in Ontario, completing her MScPT in 2013. Her passion to become a Physiotherapist started with her active lifestyle and desire to promote healthy/active living. Volunteering in various health care systems further developed her passion for helping others achieve their goals.


Nancy has gained a variety of experience working in different private practice and in-home settings throughout the country, including; Newfoundland, Ontario, Yukon Territory and now British Columbia. She has completed many courses post graduation in Manual Therapy, Exercise Rehabilitation, Concussions, and Dry Needling. She believes in an individualized approach that assesses the person as a whole, to both heal and prevent future injury. Observing the inaccessibility of services to isolated communities, Nancy is looking to fill this gap by providing physiotherapy in an accessible manner to those unable to access it.


Nancy currently lives in the Columbia-Shuswap area of interior BC. When not working, Nancy can be found climbing or scrambling a mountain, biking or running with her dogs, skiing, reading or fishing by the river. She has found a balance for a peaceful, active lifestyle while continuing to fulfill her career as a Physiotherapist.

  • MScPT (Master of Physical Therapy) - Queen's University

  • BKin (Bachelor of Kinesiology) - University of Newfoundland 



Physio, MSK and Neuro

Shannon is a life-long learner! Starting and continuing her post-secondary education at UBC, she managed to collect multiple degrees including a Bachelor of Kinesiology, Master of Science, Master of Physical Therapy and will be completing her PhD in neurorehabilitation in 2020. For Shannon, it’s about continuing to expand knowledge, developing a better understanding of the human body, and determining how to optimally recover from an injury.


As a clinician, Shannon has always had a passion for helping individuals with neurological conditions, especially those in rural and remote areas. Shannon has spent time working and visiting family in regions of Northern BC such as Kitimat, Prince Rupert and Fort St. John. Observing the barriers to health care access in these regions has furthered her passion for providing her physiotherapy services in an accessible and effective manner. Shannon has worked at Neuromotion Physiotherapy and GF Strong Rehab Centre and currently sees clients in their own homes along the Sea to Sky corridor.


Currently living in Squamish, Shannon can typically be found on a rock or mountain. Her ideal day-off always involves backcountry skiing, trail running, hiking, mountaineering, and/or rock climbing.  

  • PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in Rehabilitation Science 2020 - University of British Columbia   

    • investigating​ functional brain activation during simple and complex walking in older adults and those who have experienced a stroke

  • M.P.T. (Master of Physical Therapy) - University of British Columbia   

  • MSc (Master of Science) - University of British Colombia

    • Investigated the influence of emotional state (fear of falling, anxiety, arousal) on the vestibular system and balance 

  • BKin (Bachelor of Kinesiology) - University of British Colombia 


Physio, MSK and Chronic Pain

Patrick is most passionate about getting to know each client and their personal needs and goals. He is committed to deliver quality care through education on injury prevention and individualized rehabilitation exercises. Patrick completed his studies at UBC - a Bachelor of Kinesiology in 2014 and a Master of Physical Therapy in 2016. His experience includes working in a pain management clinic and private practice physiotherapy clinics. Additionally, he has instructed Anatomy and Physiology at Langara College and worked as a personal trainer at UBC BodyWorks with clients with various chronic health conditions and injuries. 


Patrick has a particular interest in working with patients dealing with persistent pain. He often reads research about pain science and the multiple factors which influence the pain experience instead of looking at individual body parts. He enjoys collaborating with patients to create realistic and achievable treatment plans.


Patrick lives in Vancouver, BC, and can be found coaching high school basketball, playing basketball and tennis, running, weight lifting, and hiking to explore BC’s beautiful mountains.

  • M.PT (Master of Physical Therapy) - University of British Columbia

  • BKin (Bachelor of Kinesiology) - University of British Columbia 




Physio, MSK and CardioResp

Natasha graduated with a Master’s of Physiotherapy Studies from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia in 2016, after receiving a Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree from the University of British Columbia Okanagan. Tash has been active in sports throughout her life and values a strong, healthy body and lifestyle to maintain her outdoor activities. 


She enjoys helping clients maintain or return to the activities that they enjoy. She has experience working in orthopaedic private practice treating musculoskeletal injuries, work and accident related injuries, pre and postoperative rehabilitation and sports conditioning.


She has also worked extensively in acute care in a hospital settings. She specifically has experience and passion in cardiorespiratory conditions. She is able to offer treatments online for a number of respiratory conditions across all ages, such as COPD, asthma, post pneumonia or flu; to improve breathing capacity, patterns and teach clearance techniques. These treatments help you maintain your lung function and health, while improving strength and recovery from the safety of your home. 

  • MScPT (Master of Physical Therapy) - University of Queensland

  • BHKin (Bachelor of Human Kinetics) - University of British Columbia




Pelvic Health Physio

Melina is a physiotherapist living in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. She attended the University of British Columbia for both her Bachelor of Kinesiology and Master’s of Physical therapy degrees. 

Melina has worked in a variety of settings over the last few years, including the hospital with elderly and post-operative patients, on the field with a men’s premier rugby team, and in private practice. She also has extensive experience teaching clinical pilates in a rehab setting. 

With the high number of pregnant and post-partum women coming in for clinical pilates, Melina was prompted to seek a greater understanding of topics specific to women’s health, such as pregnancy, pelvic floor dysfunction (including incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and painful intercourse), and returning to exercise post-partum. She has found working in the world of pelvic health to be extremely rewarding, as it has such an important impact on quality of life, and uses a virtual health platform to improve access to care for as many women as possible.

  • MPT (Master of Physical Therapy) - University of British Columbia

  • BKin (Bachelor of Kinesiology) - University of British Columbia


InReach Physio is operating out of Vancouver, BC, Canada and currently providing telephysio, telerehabilitation and online physio (virtual physio) services in British Columbia and Alberta.

We are seeking registered PT's in other provinces to expand our online physio service. Apply with CV/Resume to the email below.


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