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Hand Therapy

Our Certified Hand Therapist (Physio), Lisette Cheng, works with individuals who have injured their upper extremities (from finger-tip to shoulder and neck). Whether you get numbness into your hands, have arthritis in your fingers, fell and fractured your wrist, or the pain in your elbow or shoulder is acting up again, we can help get you started in managing your pain and guide you on the path to recovery.  


During a telerehab initial assessment, we will discuss your history, your current pain/problems, and then we will work together to create goals that matter to you. After doing an assessment, we will discuss treatment options and work together to create an individualized exercise program – one that will both be effective and fit into your lifestyle. As the human body doesn’t come with an owner’s manual, it’s important to learn about what’s going on and how we can best support healing and manage pain.


As we use our hands and arms for everything – from work to getting dressed, from communication to simply giving a loved one a hug – we need both upper limbs to be working to help live life to the fullest!

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Meet our Therapists

Lisette Cheng

Lisette is a Certified Hand Therapist which means she has accumulated over 4000 hours of upper extremity or hand therapy hours, while working along side a mentor, and passed an official exam with the Canadian Society of Hand Therapists. Lisette primary works out of Vancouver General Hospital in the hand clinic. She is 1 of 100 hand therapists in BC and 1 of 200 in Canada!.

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