Below is a complete list of our telephysiotherapy (online physio) services. 

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The skills of a Physiotherapist are essential to correctly assess and diagnose your musculoskeletal or neurological impairment.

Acute/Chronic Injury


Although aging cannot be reversed, its processes can be slowed and improvements can be made to help older adults using personalized exercise.

Healthy Aging


We can work with you to develop a customized exercise plan to meet your performance goals. This can include a strength plan or running/cycling programs.

Exercise Consulting


Telerehab assessments and treatments within the comforts of your own home are the best way to determine what is most meaningful and effective for you!

Neuro Rehabilitation


Our team with specialization in concussion telerehab will assess and treat your concussion symptoms and work with you to design a gradual return to work or activity plan. 

Concussion Rehabilitation

Woman in Pain

We can help you understand your chronic pain, manage your symptoms, increase your physical activity, and work towards improving your quality of life using telephysio.

Chronic Pain


Cardiorespiratory physiotherapy can help you improve your ability to manage your daily tasks, and recover your previous function after a sudden illness. Learn these techniques from home using telerehab. 

Cardiorespiratory Rehab


Our telerehab Pelvic Health program offers a multi-faceted approach designed to improving women’s access to care from the comfort of their own home.

Pelvic Health


InReach Physio is operating out of Vancouver, BC, Canada and currently providing telephysio, telerehabilitation and online physio (virtual physio) services in British Columbia.

We are seeking registered PT's in provinces outside of British Columbia to expand our online physio service. Apply with CV/Resume to the email below.



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