Our Chronic Pain physiotherapist, Patrick Chiu, has experience working in Pain clinics with those who have been diagnosed with arthritis, fibromyalgia, complex regional pain syndrome, and other injuries that have persisted beyond their expected healing dates.

A telerehab assessment will include a thorough history of the multifaceted aspects of pain. This may include lifestyle factors, social factors, stress, sleep, emotional and mental health, coping strategies, and more. Also, we will look at your quality of movements to determine the best treatment for you.


Research shows that being involved in managing your pain can greatly improve your quality of life. The goals of our treatment plans will aim to meet you where you’re at, be flexible, and provide simple strategies. Examples of self-management skills that may be covered include home exercises, self-reflection activities, mindfulness and meditation techniques, and resources for self-care.


Meet our Chronic Pain Physiotherapist

Patrick Chiu

Patrick often reads research about pain science and the multiple factors which influence the pain experience instead of looking at individual body parts. He enjoys collaborating with patients to create realistic and achievable treatment plans...


InReach Physio is operating out of Vancouver, BC, Canada and currently providing telephysio, telerehabilitation and online physio (virtual physio) services in British Columbia and Alberta.

We are seeking registered PT's in other provinces to expand our online physio service. Apply with CV/Resume to the email below.



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