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Although aging cannot be reversed, its processes can be slowed and improvements can be made to help older adults maintain independence, reduce their risk of adverse health events and manage chronic diseases. Physical activity and exercise are potent countermeasures against aging and play a major role in the prevention of the most deadly chronic diseases including cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, osteoporosis, metabolic diseases, cancer, pulmonary diseases, immune dysfunction, and neurological disorders.

Exercise, and resistance training specifically, is able to provide the body with the appropriate stimulus to reverse and modify muscle weakness and functional loss often simply put down to "old age". Walking is great and is certainly recommended, but the component which will make the most difference to quality of life as you age is muscle strength. Studies show that when older people have the muscle strength to live independent lives they are happier and healthier.

It’s never too late to begin an exercise program. Book a telephysio appointment to develop a plan comprised of the appropriate type and intensity of activity that will promote healthy aging. 

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