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Active Rehab

Kinesiologists are healthcare professionals that work alongside Physiotherapists to provide guidance in how to move our bodies better. Kinesiology can be helpful to rehabilitate an injury but also prevent future injuries and illness.

Kinesiologists are your coach to help ensure you are on-track with your treatment or exercise plan. They can be very useful and cost-effective in cases where patients needs additional monitoring and cueing while completing their exercise program. This monitoring ensures accountability and can lead to better exercise adherence and therefore treatment outcomes. 


Upon assessment, you can expect much of the session being spent refining strengthening exercises, mobility movements, and stretches.

Under the College of Physical Therapists guidelines, our Physiotherapists can delegate the monitoring of your exercise plan to our Kinesiologist. As well, our Kinesiologist is a registered ICBC provider and can provide Active Rehab for all ICBC related cases. See additional ICBC info below.

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Meet our Kinesiologist

Sean Conner

Sean has a Masters degree in Rehabilitation Sciences which focuses on evidence-based practice. This education was an excellent addition to his extensive experience in rehabilitation and sport specific training. Sean has worked in neurological, pediatric, stroke, chronic pain, cancer, and sports injury rehabilitation settings.


ICBC and Kinesiology

Sean Connor is a registered active rehabilitation provider with ICBC and therefore ICBC funds these sessions. If you have an ICBC case and are interested in active rehab, please visit your doctor for a referral. In our intake form which you will be requested to complete after making a booking, you will have the opportunity to include your ICBC claim number and adjuster's contact information.


Please email us if you have any questions.

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