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Concussion Management

Updated: May 19, 2021

A great video to help explain Concussion Management by our friend, Dr. Mike Evans before we get into this:

A concussion is a brain and nervous system injury when you hit your head or have a whip-lash type injury. No imaging can identify a concussion and it is purely assessed on signs and symptoms that occur immediately or within a few days following.

80-90% of people with a concussion make a complete recovery within 1-4 weeks. The recovery occurs as the brain re-calibrates after using an excessive amount of energy following the initial impact. Therefore, relative rest is very important. Relative is the key word - you must decrease your activities and demands (physical, mental, stress) to a level that does not create symptoms. Pushing through symptoms or returning to activities, work, and sports before you are recovered can result in a prolonged recovery. Although, it is important to know that doing too much activity and aggravating your symptoms, does not create further damage. Working with a Physiotherapist can help you follow a graded plan to return to school, work and sport. The earliest someone should return to to sport after a diagnosed concussion is 1 week (2 weeks for children < 18 years old). By: Aaron Dobie, Registered Physiotherapist

Aaron provides online physio (aka telephysio, virtual physio, telerehab) to patients all over British Columbia including Haida Gwaii, Fort St James, Fraser Lake, Fort St John, Fort Nelson, Dease Lake, Dawson Creek, Hudson's Hope, Mackenzie and Stewart. She also collaborates with the First Nations Health Authority to provide service. Aaron lives in beautiful Vancouver but spends lots of time in the Sea to Sky corridor including Whistler, Pemberton and Squamish.

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