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Happy Hallowe'en

It’s time for “Trick or Treatment!”

Calling ALL Witches, Warlocks, Zombies, Vampires, Monsters, Skeletons and things that go “bump” in the night!

Are you a witch having trouble holding onto your broomstick and feeling unsteady flying high in the sky?

- Perhaps it’s time to get your grip and leg muscles strengthened in preparation for All Hallows’ Eve.

Or a warlock developing pain in your elbow after stirring mystical potions and casting spells upon your foe?

- Sounds like it’s time for some chilling treatment from your local physio to get you back on the prowl…

Are you a zombie who is having an all-consuming desire for brains, but can’t seem to catch up to your prey?

- Perhaps it’s time to talk to a physiotherapist about sport-specific exercise consulting or a kinesiologist to increase the speed of your “shuffling”.

Are you a Transylvanian vampire who is pale as a ghost and faints when you stand up – especially upon rising from your coffin?

- Come and find out how exercise can help manage your blood pressure issues. You can “Count” on us!

Are you a monster seeking a jolt from some electrodes?

- Talk to your physio about which electrotherapy may be best for you – whether it be for building muscles or managing pain. That way you can get back to groovin’ at the Monster Mash in a flash!

Are you a pile of dusty skeleton bones who can’t seem to get up off the couch?

- Let us help you make an exercise plan that will get you building muscle and shaking “dem skeleton bones”.

Or perhaps you are something else that goes “bump” in the night? Don’t worry, we don’t scare easily! We just want to help you R.I.P. and enjoy the fun and magic of this season.

By: Susan Herdman, the Physio Ghoul - Registered Physiotherapist – Specializing in Upper Extremity and Hand Telerehabilitation.

Book a telephysio / online physio / virtual physio / video physiotherapy appointment with a registered physiotherapist in British Columbia. InReach Online Physio services communities in northern and rural BC, such as Masset, Queen Charlotte, Fraser Lake, Fort Nelson, Fort St James, Dease Lake, Fort St John, Dawson Creek, the Gulf Islands, and more!


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