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How to Attend your Online Appointment

Once your appointment is booked, learn how to join your appointment. It is very easy.

Some added tips:

- Laptops & Desktop Computers: best experienced using Chrome or Opera. Firefox unfortunately does not allow to reduce the quality of the video so it will gobble up all your bandwidth.

- Safari is audio only.

- Android Devices: Android devices work best with Chrome.

- iPhone & iPad: If you're on an iOS device (iPhone, iPad) you will need the Jane Online Appointments app which is available on the app store. - Check your internet connection at You will need a result of 15Mbps or higher. If you're seeing a number measured in Kbps, that's not good news. If your internet connection isn't great, you will have the option to shut off the video and do an audio only session.

- Make sure you're somewhere private and nobody behind you will be surprised to be visible on camera.

Check your battery! Might be best to be plugged in.

- Close any other apps that might be using up your internet bandwidth. Might be good to turn off other devices on your local network or WiFi that might be using your internet connection (ex. Netflix. Fortnite. Spotify).

- Read our other blog blog: 3 tips to get the most out of your Appointment -

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