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Strength and Conditioning Program Update with Pro Mountain Bike Racer, Jesse Melamed

With the recent relaxation of social measures and the start of the 2020 race season getting closer, it was now time for Jesse to begin a new program. I designed the next program to include and progress some of the kettlebell exercises Jesse has been doing but I also needed to include exercises that are more mountain bike and race specific. As Jesse's on-bike riding volume (total time/km per week) is increasing, I decreased his strength training volume and ensured only essential exercises are included. His total strength and conditioning training decreases to 2 times per week from 3 times per week.

Aaron Dobie

Registered Physiotherapist, B.Kin, MPT

Aaron is a sports telephysiotherapist with extensive post-graduate training in strength and conditioning. He loves to work with injured people throughout their rehab and continue to prevent it from happening again. Telephysio, online physio and virtual physiotherapy is a passion of Aaron's. He loves how he can reach so many people using technology.

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