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What is Telephysio?

What is telephysio?

- Simply, it a Physiotherapy appointment completed over a video-call. You will be seen by a registered Physiotherapist to assess your complaint and make a treatment plan. We can not put our hands on you to assess but we can watch your movement and guide you through a self-assessment with specific tests. The treatment involves exercise/movement to modulate your pain/issue and a lot of education to teach you what to do, or not do, to allow the body to recover.

Shoulder Assessment via Virtual Physio
Shoulder Assessment via Virtual Physio

What are the benefits of telephysio?

- You do not need to leave your home

- We get to assess you and watch you complete your treatment plan in your natural environment

- You become more accountable to take control of your treatment plan vs waiting for your in-person appointment for hands-on treatment

- You can schedule an appointment today.

What is the difference between telephysio, telerehab, virtual physio and online physiotherapy? - There is no difference. You can read another blog of ours here

- Simply, telehealth is all the umbrella term for all things medical (ex. doctors, dieticians, physios, counselling, etc) being completed from a distance using any mode of communication (ex. phone, video call, email). "Tele" just means "from/at a distance".

- You don't need to be injured to see a Physiotherapist so some like telephysio vs telerehab as the later indicates you are rehabilitating from something. Virtual Physio or Online Physio are newer terms that gained traction in early 2020.

Knee range assessment at home
Knee range assessment at home!

How can telehealth physiotherapy help me?

- First, see all of the services that we offer here. Our diverse team can treat the following conditions:

- We offer 15-min complementary appointments if you are unsure if telehealth physiotherapy (ie. online physio, virtual physio, telerehab, telephysio :P ) is suitable for you. Or email us at and we can answer your questions.

How does it work?

- 3 steps: 1) Book an appointment: Using our online booking platform, find a time that works with your schedule and our availability to speak one on one with a Physiotherapist to address your concerns. Securely provide your credit card info to reserve your telephysio appointment. Feel free to email us to book an appointment if you prefer.

2) Complete our intake from: This will be sent in your "appointment confirmation email". Complete our customized intake form at-least 24 hours before your appointment so we can learn more about your injury and be best prepared for our telephysio session that you booked.

3) Attend your appointment: Meet with a registered Physiotherapist over teleconference to address your concerns and make a treatment plan from the comfort of your home! You will be provided a teleconference web-link 30-minutes prior to the start of the appointment.

Watch our how-to videos here:

We offer tele-services through multiple platforms and on all devices. We choose what you prefer or know best. We can adapt to the technology that you have available, although it is best if you have a webcam and microphone via a computer, tablet or smart phone.


Physiotherapy is a key contributor to the health and mobility of Canadians and with recent improvements in internet and video-conferencing technology, telephysio is very viable means of treatment.


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